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4 acres, 4 anglers carp to 55lb+

Carp fishing holidays in France Carp fishing holidays in France Carp fishing holidays in France Carp fishing holidays in France
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Carp fishing holidays in France at Bill's Lake 4

Carp fishing holidays in France on this lake 4 acres lake is a great social lake for up to 4 anglers max.

Carp fishing holidays in France

The central positioning of the swims allows anglers to be near to each other but also gives them plenty of their own water to fish in. Lake 4 has a maximum depth of 15 feet with a few plateaux and drop offs to fish to and deep margins of over 6 feet. The lake is set in mature tranquil surroundings but is also close enough to be easy to nip to the shops. Each of the two swims are suitable for two anglers with plenty of room behind the swims. There is no weed in this lake to hinder your fishing.

Lake 4 Fish

The original stock of the lake was completely unknown but we have stocked over the winter of 2016 with over a ton of quality fish to 50lb for you to do combat with. Previously the lake was used for duck shooting and has never been used as a carp fishery. Catches over the past two seasons has produced some stunning catches with fish being banked and now the lake holds mirrors to over 53lb, commons to over 55lb and grass carp to over 40lb.

Lake 4 Facilities

Your carp fishing holidays in France is made easier at Bill's Lake 4 where you will find a central insulated anglers cabin for cooking and meeting and an on site English style toilet. The super clean shower facilities are available a very short walk away on Lake 5. These are available 24/7. In the cabin there is a solar charging unit for your phones. Bait boat batteries can be charged by the unit on Lake 5.

Lake 4 Arrivals

This lake is booked from a Friday to Friday offering clients a full weekend at home at the end of their week to sort their gear out before work the next week. It is very important that you arrive on time as other lakes check in the same day.

The meeting point is at Bill's Lake 5 at 11.00 where you will be escorted to Bill's Lake 4 and checked in.
If you arrive early then please do not disturb the anglers and wait by the gates.


Local Area

The shops can be found nearby with a Hypermarket and McDonalds being only a few miles away. We even have a local pizza shop that will deliver your Pizzas and Kebabs direct to the lake!

Lake Location

Fridge Hire
Hire a fridge to keep your food and drink ice cold.
Fridge Hire

Lake Bait
We offer a range of bait that we recommend the use of on all our lakes.

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